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B2B Partnerships

We collaborate with retailers worldwide to enrich their product offering with our Made in Italy slippers, providing a distinctive touch to their assortment.

Our products have proven to drive cross-selling opportunities and increase average transaction value

Our Pillars

Made in Italia

The Italian culture is all about chasing pleasure effortlessly around the clock.

Pursuing this vision, our artisans, located close to Milan, mixed aesthetics and functionality into our slippers to make them both stylish and comfortable

Superior Comfort

When it comes to home well-being, comfort is not negotiable!
So, we designed slippers that are so cozy that they can barely be felt on the feet. It will be like walking over the clouds

✓ Padded suede sole
✓ Soft interior leather lining
✓ High-quality breathable leather

Premium Fabrics

Raw materials are key to making special creations. That's why we source only the highest quality materials to handcraft Hoomie's slippers.

Our selection of fabrics ranges from the softest warm velvet to the brightest luxurious satin.

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"I'm not home very often, so I love that moment when I come home from tour, drained but happy, and I put on my elegant, made in Italy slippers and throw myself on my cozy bed.

Our generation does not encourage laziness when it is so necessary, vital even! It's really the kind of accessories I love: those that reinterpret a bygone era with a touch of eccentricity"

Clara Luciani, International French singer interviewed by Elle

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