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We envision a new home life filled with comfort and style. 

Our creations combine the mastery of Italian artisans with the softness
of luxurious fabrics to offer a daily premium experience

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Our Pillars

Italian Craftmanship

Building on a legacy of skilled artisans, Italy stands as the world's foremost producer of luxury goods. That's why each Vestieri slipper is handcrafted in Italy, ensuring unparalleled quality in every detail

Superior Comfort

When it comes to home well-being, style is import, comfort is a must. While our customers choose us mainly for our style, they fall in love with our products for the extreme comfort.

Premium Fabrics

We've carefully handpicked the finest materials because quality matters, even in the bedroom. From the soft comfort of warm velvet to the elegant charm of luxurious satin, every Vestieri slipper is a testament to this commitment


We offer a quick and user-friendly customization service, ensuring a one-of-a-kind product, delivered promptly to your doorstep

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VIP Friends

When I get home from the tour, I put on my elegant Made in Italy slippers and throw myself on my bed. It's just the kind of accessories I love: those that reinterpret a bygone era with a touch of eccentricity

Clara Luciani (French female artist of the year 2022)

Luxury Hospitality

Thanks to our "Five Stars Program", we partner with Forbes-rated 4 and 5-star hotels around the world designing exclusive creations for their top suites

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